Bullseye! – Archie Outs a Drug Cheat – And the Stewards Confirm That As Usual, He Was a Hundred Percent Right


A week or two ago I told you about a crooked, drug cheating, harness race fraudster named Shaun Simiana, who was using every low dog legal trick in the book to delay the start date of a 16-year disqualification that the Stewards had handed down to him for doping a whole lot of slow horses and deceitfully making them look fast.

In the stories I wrote I told you the tale that the mainstream trot media won’t about Simiana’s skulduggery, and how he was using the borrowed time he’d schemed to dope even more horses, including his former NZ grass tracker turned seeming superstar Balraj, who while filled to the eyeballs with juice was running world-standard sub 1.50 mile rates in races equivalent to Class 2’s at Ipswich on a Wednesday.

I warned you that when the horse was transferred to the the clean Kerry-Ann and Robbie Morris stable a few weeks back it would suddenly start running in reverse, because they don’t cheat, and of course I was right, because in its two starts since Balraj hasn’t been able to run out of sight on a dark night, and couldn’t break 1.52 if you let him do it towed behind a speedboat.

Simiana had dreams of setting himself for the 16 year stint on the sidelines by spiking Balraj buckets of illegal substance all the way to the Miracle Mile, and fraudulently swiping that race’s near 3/4 of a million dollars in winning prize money to send himself on his way.

But I was the first to break you the news that it was over, because the cheating bastard had been done.



I was right of course. I usually am when it comes to things like these, and I’m not afraid to tell you you what I know either, even when all the so-called experts from the racing media are.

Goodbye Shuan Simiana, and good riddance you grub.

Our great sport doesn’t want or need people like you.

Piss off.

Now, who’s next?

Watch this space.


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