All of Life is a Circle – And No Bugger Who Lives in a Glass House Should Start Sending Sheilas Texts When They Are Franz Liszt – It’s Only Going to End in Tears


Fleeting 70’s soft rock star Harry Chapin famously declared that all of life is a circle, and if events of the past 24 hours in the head office of the Victorian stewarding department are any indication then old Harry was spot on the mark.

I won’t say too much because no-one who’s not a sadist likes to kick a bloke when he’s down, other than this.

Wannabe coppers who live in glass houses from which they send unwanted texts of a certain nature to female colleagues when Franz Liszt really shouldn’t put the collar on blokes they spot at the Warnambool races who’ve done the same thing to them; and they certainly shouldn’t send them down the road for 3 months and deprive them of their living, for one one day it might happen to the sender in the glass house too.

And when – like it did yesterday in the home of the All-Star Mile – it does happen, it becomes extraordinarily difficult for even the most reasonable and objective punter to stir up any sympathy for the Franz Liszt glass house texters utterly self-inflicted plight.

Gooses and ganders, and things being good for one being good for all, and things cutting both ways and all that jazz you know.

Anyone know anyone interested in becoming a Steward in regional Victoria?

I hear that a career opportunity has just opened up.

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