Lawyer X – The Dumbest Bottle Blonde Barrister on the Block – And the Name Suppressed Coppers Who Were Her Coeys


Nicola Gobbo – Lawyer X – worked with cops and crims every day.

She was convinced her apartment was bugged.

Yet she goes lagging her clients to two dog handler, and somehow convinces herself that they are not already taping her.


How dumb is this bird?


Well that brilliant strategy didn’t work did it?

If they weren’t taping you Nicola, how come we’re now reading what you said?



Liar liar pants on fire.

Did I tell you 12 months ago that Nicola Gobbo was an imbecile?

I was right.

Here’s another lesson.

Never trust a copper.


Gobbo gives herself and any future defence against her conduct up right here and now.

On the first occasion she meets two police handlers who won’t even tell her their real names, in a conversation that the dimwit doesn’t even know is being taped.

Laywer X says if the shit hits the fan about her hollering copper on people who pay her to help them, she will be judged as a lawyer, not just as a needy rich girl who has no husband, no partner, no friends, just an intermittent parade of drunk or drugged up married guys who want to feel her fake tits.

A lonely, devious, shit house rat of a woman who at age 40 something still relies on Mummy to drive her to hospital when she gets a headache and imagines she is dying, or has run out of morphine scripts at least.

Nicola Gobbo knew that by lagging she was committing wholesale crimes from the jump.

The coppers did too.

Chuck ’em all in a cell, and throw away the goddamn key.


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