Pins Parnell Produces a Political Ad For the Palaszczuk Government – Signs His Career Death Warrant if the LNP Win the Election – And Delivers Up a Whole Lot of Lies

What the hell is the Chief Executive Office of a State-funded public service body doing performing in ads for a political party?

Why is he telling us all such terrible lies?

Just take a look at what Brendan Parnell is saying, and then look at the real picture.

In Queensland …  greyhound racing employs more than 1300 people.

Absolute and utter horse shit.

I’m involved up to my neck in the greyhound industry, and know almost all of the major players. Most of them do it for love.

If there are more 1300 people directly employed in greyhound racing I will rip off my Speedos and run naked down the Capalaba straight.

I won’t need to though.

The Racing Minister says that dogs employ less than a thousand people.


If you’re going to bullshit the public, you should check what your political masters have told them first.


On an annual basis the Queensland greyhound industry is massive, contributing more than $160 million to the Queensland economy.

Not true Pins.

See above.

Last year more than fifty thousand people attended a greyhound racing meeting.

One Friday night the same number of people attended a Broncos game.

They had to pay to get in too.

With the Palaszczuk Government announcing approval of a new Greater Brisbane greyhound centre late last year steady progress is being made on the world class facility.

In other words, we’re not really doing anything other than rehashing computer generated images from the same spruik that Pins predecessor Eliot Forbes promoted a few years ago. And Pins is hoping like hell that all the true trot people who are outraged by David Fowler’s unilateral decision to gift the Government the home of harness racing for a few shiny beads don’t launch a whole lot of Supreme Court actions that are going to stuff his fund a whole lot of things you can’t afford by selling the Creek strategy.

Fat chance.

There will be three tracks being built. A two turn, a one turn and a straight track.


If one turn tracks are really the best practice in preventing injuries to greyhounds as your business partner the University of Technology Sydney claims – personally I reckon the academics are speaking nonsense – then why can’t you just build a single track with a 2 long straights and a sweeping turn?

Something that looks like this non-artist’s sketch I’ve scribbled below.

It would take less land, and be a whole lot cheaper.

1 turn


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