Mortein Good – Four Legs Bad

Call me simple, but there is one thing I’ve just never understood.

Why is it okay for

  • Cows to be turned into steak
  • Pigs to be converted to Bacon
  • Winx to be owned owned by a woman whose family made their fortune from cutting off chooks heads
  • A former Howard Government minister to send millions of cows to heaven
  • The Packer family to do the same
  • One of country’s leading lawyers (Allen Myers QC) to do it too
  • Australia’s richest woman Gina Reinhardt to do it the most
  • The RSPCA to knock off tens of thousands of cats, dogs, birds, possums and other animals every year
  • Vets to put down pets every day
  • Lions to eat antelopes
  • Greenies to kill flies and mozzies with Mortein

yet it’s not okay for race horses to be sent to abattoirs?

I’m not saying they should be.

I’m just asking what makes horses any different.

Can anyone give me an answer?

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