The Dank Tale of a Cheating Trot Trainer Named Shonky Shaun – Part 3 – Mr Simiana Goes Fishing

It’s time to tell you why Shaun Simiana’s license expiring between the time he was first suspended and when he finally got disqualified is so important to this tale.

It’s obvious really.

You can’t be disqualified from holding a harness trainer’s license if you don’t have one.

The drug cheat’s license had expired during the period of his suspension, and by the time the officials finally disqualified him, the suspension on the expired license had expired too.

Shonky Shaun had played the Stewards like they were flathead chasing worms, and the stipes had taken the bait and swallowed it hole.

This wasn’t dumb luck, and Shaun Anthony Simiana sure ain’t dumb. He’d planned this all along, and he’d executed his plan to perfection.


There was only just one thing left that the convicted drug cheat needed to apply for a new license there and now, and it wasn’t the the sixteen-year-disqualification from holding a license that didn’t exist that he’d copped only five minutes before.

Shonky Shaun needed a stay of proceedings.

He got one too, and in a minute I will tell you how.

But first I want to let you in on the plan.

Next up: Part 4 – Hook, Line and Sinker






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