How a Soft Track Can Be Far Too Firm – And an Alleged Racing Editor Can Be a Bit of a Herm


The track at Eagle Farm was officially rated as a Soft 5 on Saturday afternoon.

A soft track – once known as dead – is a track with a reasonable amount of give in it.

That means that it is not firm.

So why did Andrew Mallyon say this about the beaten favorite Snowzone that he rode in the second last race?

And why would such a skilled and experienced racing journalist that Nathan Exelby swears to be not say to him “Um, Andrew. It was a wet track mate”?


I am far too much in awe of Racin Nathan’s greatness to risk embarrassment by asking what appears so obvious a question that there must surely be a catch.

Given the way he’s been looking at me on the odd occasion that our paths have crossed in George Street lately I don’t think old Nath likes me overly anyway, so if I raised the issue directly he’d probably run to his favourite coppers and claim that I was picking on him.

I am however most curious about how such a star journo like the wage slave Sexy Exy could print something so weird and wacky.

Do you reckon Bernie might ask him the question for me?

PS: I wonder why Mallyon didn’t say anything about the firm track to the Stewards?


Don’t most racing writers and editors work on a Wednesday?

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