Questions and Answers

Which highly paid Queensland Chief Steward elected to officiate at the five race card at Bundaberg on Saturday in preference to running the panel in town?

Peter Chadwick.

Who at the QRIC keeps ticking off on these higher duties payments to Stewards that chair panels in the Chief Steward’s absence, or often even when he is there?

Peter Chadwick.

Why did Racing Queensland allow ten horses to accept for 3rd race at Bundaberg on Saturday, when there were no more than 7 runners in every other race on the day?

Who knows.

What is a club steward?

I’m not sure.

Aren’t all Stewards these days employed by the QRIC for integrity reasons?

Yes, they are supposed to be.

So why was there a club steward officiating at a registered race meeting alongside the QRIC employed Queensland Chief Steward?

Ask Mr Chadwick himself, or ask his boss Commissioner Barnett.

Wouldn’t it appear obvious that if one race at a country meeting had 10 runners and all the rest had no more 7, the trainers in the 10 horse race might find it a bit difficult to secure a rider for their horse?


Did 1 of 10 runners get late scratched because there was no-one to ride it?


Don’t the responsible people at Racing Queensland check the jockeys lists after the declaration of riders and follow up with trainers who haven’t declared a hoop for their horse?

It appears not.

Is there anyone, anywhere in the media world who takes as many holidays as Nathan Exelby?

Not that I know of.

Can’t anyone at the Sunday Mail actually write a racing column while Editor Exelby is away?

Clearly not.

Could the stark absence from some of this year’s best harness races by one of Australia’s leading harness racing stables be at all related to the rampant rumours floating around that a certain trainer has thrown up a positive swab, and is anxiously awaiting the result of the B-sample?

That’s what some people say.

Does it bother the honchos at Racing Queensland that neither the forever flooded Ipswich (now closed for repairs) nor its latter replacement as a midweek Wednesday racing Kilcoy, appear to be regularly able to get through a race meeting without something catastrophic occurring?

It should.

Why did Jarred Wessel and David Fowler both travel to Kilcoy to call the races at Kilcoy on Wednesday (Fowler called the first 2 races, Wessels races 3 and 4 before the meeting was abandoned)?

In case a light bulb needed changing.

Which of them was paid a travel or motor vehicle allowance to drive to the meeting? Were both? If it was just one, who trousered it? If it were two, why?

  1. Don’t know 2. Dunno 3. I reckon I could hazard a far guess.

Is James Packer really as mad as he is giving the impression of being, or is the very well-advised heir to his Daddy’s fortune simply laying the forward foundations for an Alan Bond style amnesia attack when asked the hard questions at his upcoming inquisition by the casino regulators?

12-1 Mad, 1-20 Amnesia

Has former king of the Brisbane rails ring Linday Gallagher won Powerball? Or are his recent purchases of a $31 000 pacer and a brand new swish Mercedes just chump change from the sale of a mosquito ridden swamp?

33-1 Powerball, 1-100 Swamp

Was that the king of the Ring’s one time colleague Errol “Horace” Flynn that our spies spotted at the desk of the Cairns Flight Centre buying a ticket to Brisbane in a week or so time?

Unless Errol has an identical twin, yes.

Is anyone other the owners of potential runners excited about the All Star Mile? Is anyone sick of the ceaseless promo hype about the race already?

No. Yes (everyone).

Is the description of police officers who manage informants as handlers the most apt title in the history of the world?

Woof woof.

Given the long backload of racing appeals (external reviews) awaiting judgement before the QCAT, is it of some concern that to date not a single racing related decision has been handed down by the tribunal this year?


Did disgraced Brisbane lawyer Adam Magill make a real bad mistake when he led the following evidence into his QCAT appeal against repeal of his practicing certificate (license to lawyer)?

… the evidence sought to paint a picture of hardship for the firm if the
applicant did not return to practice. Affidavits were filed which referred to the applicant having a key role in bringing in clients and managing their relationships. The firm’s office manager deposed to the prospect of the firm’s business significantly declining and also said that the firm would struggle to meet its overheads if the applicant was unable to continue working as a solicitor.



Because Magill is facing criminal charges of laundering money by taking cash under the table from clients that he had brought into the practice and managed. They are all alleged drug dealing bikies.

Why do harness racing commentators continually refer to Menangle mentor Luke McCarthy as the trainer of pacers when the trainer listed on official documents is his cousin Craig Cross?

That’s a very good question.

Why do some trainers like McCarthy list the trainer of horses as someone else – his cousin, or his wife for example – when everyone in the industry knows that they actually train the horse?

It’s more convenient to have a sacrificial lamb f the pacer throws up a positive swab.

Is it true that McCarthy is running around Sydney guaranteeing owners that if they transfer their horses to him he can improve them by lengths?


How could McCarthy be so sure that can improve a horse that comes to him from another stable by lengths?

Good question. See above.

Why do many racing writers persist in describing Allan Endresz as the owner of Alligator Blood when the man is an undischarged bankrupt (bankrupts can’t own assets like million dollar horses, not until they pay their creditors anyway), and is on the books merely the manager of the EZYBONDS 1 syndicate that actually owns the horse?

Because the bankruptcy laws are an arse, Endresz is an arse, and many racing writers are lazy. Did anyone ever stop to ask current guest of Her Majesty Damion Flower where he got his money from?

What’s the best bet of the day?

Born a Warrior in race 2 tonight at Mooney Valley.

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