Another Crazy Day at Kilcoy

Kilcoy on a Wednesday afternoon. Is this really what Queensland racing has come to?

I thought we were flying. Pins Parnell told us so, many times.

If this flying then I’m catching the train.

We all try to like Kilcoy. I do like it. It’s a great day out at the races there, a throwback to fondly remembered times. The beer’s cheap, the racing’s competitive, they still sell roast beef and gravy rolls, and they not only still have a ring full of bookies, but they hand write their tickets and all.

Kilcoy’s great in so many ways, but it’s not a midweek meeting venue’s arse.

It’s not the Moonee Valley of the north either. The Valley is 1805 metres around; Kilcoy is only track is only 1270 metres, the size of a trot track. The homes straights are similar in distance – 173m v 143m – but the Valley’s home turn is banked giving every horse a chance, whereas Kilcoy’s is tighter than a nun’s you-know-what, and treats back runners like black folk in apartheid-era South Africa.

Running meetings at Kilcoy in the main midweek slot is just a joke, and renders us a laughing stock on the national racing stage. It’s the equivalent of scheduling Augathella as the main metro meeting on Australia Day, except for one thing.

They can actually get through a whole day of racing at Augathella. They can’t at Kilcoy.

3.8 mm of rain fell on Kilcoy between nine in the morning on Tuesday, and 9:00 am on race day yesterday according to the Bureau of Meteorology. There had been no rain at all on Sunday or Monday, bugger all in the daytime on Tuesday, and it didn’t rain until after dark yesterday.

But still somehow the track deteriorated and became so unsafe that the Stewards had to call the meeting off after race 4.

A few questions.

Why was the track rated a Soft 6 when only 3.8 mm of rain had soaked it in three days?

How did a bunch of Class 1 walkers run 33.52 for their last 600 metres in race 3 on a Slow 6 track?

Why were horses losing their footing at around the 600 metre mark, slipping and sliding as if they were running across ice?

How did the course proper deteriorate so far, so fast, while basking in brilliant sunshine that the meeting had to be abandoned?

Why did David Fowler only call the first two races?

Did the Bantam get paid a full day’s pay?

How did a horse that ran into a fence and got cleared by the vets to start end up five seconds later as a late scratching?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kilcoy1.jpg

How did the rodeo Rhonda of Queensland racing Laura Cheshire stay on Your Option for the entire duration of the first race after the horse’s saddle slipped so badly to the left just after jumping that she should by rights have been thrown off?

Why was the septuagenarian former long-time trot Chief Steward John Hackett doing working as Clerk of the Scales?

What the hell are we doing racing at Kilcoy on a Wednesdayafternoon anyway?

Laura makes staying on when you should be falling off look easy

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