Did Ben Looker Hook Her? – No, the Dead Horse Was a Gelding

The Stewards didn’t miss Ben Looker’s ride aboard Husson’s Pride in the fourth race at the Gold Coast yesterday.

It was pretty hard to.

You don’t often see a jockey steer his mount away from a yawning gap and up into other runners arses approaching the furlong, and then when left with no other option but to shoot the gap after the arses that he is steering his steed come together and bump, suddenly stop riding as if his horse has broken down, when it hasn’t.

That’s exactly what Ben Looker did yesterday.


Ben Looks at the gap to his inside but doesn’t like what he sees
So he steers his mount Husson’s Pride to the outside rather than in
But oh, oh, he cops a squeeze and has to check
The horses he was trying to hide behind suddenly come together, so he now as no option but to take the wide open run that he ignored before
Once into the gap though instead of kicking his mount up he hits the skids
All the other jockeys are going hell for leather, but Ben Looker’s standing up in the irons. One problem – there is still 100m to go

It was disgraceful.

The Stewards response was too.

Jockey Looker told them that he was of the view that the gelding was not responding to his riding at the point that the gap appeared, and said that he felt there was no need to continue to pressure it as he was of the opinion that the horse had come to the end of its run.

What a load of rubbish. I didn’t know Looker’s middle name was Pinocchio, or Prince Andrew. This wasn’t a mistake, it was a hook job. Looker rode this horse dead, and then wilfully and deliberately attempted to mislead the officials about his patent lack of effort, and failure to try.

The stipes didn’t believe Looker, and handed him a month on the sidelines. It should have been a season or two, or maybe even life.

There can be no public confidence in the integrity of racing while we let riders get away with murder, and only cop a shoplifter’s sentence.

Chief Steward Chadwick – here’s looking at you kid.

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