Harness Racing’s New Rating System is a Dr Spock of Edgar Britt

Look at the race above, and in particular look at the ratings of each runner under the NR (New Ratings) system, and the starting marks that the Queensland handicapper has given them.

It appears nonsensical doesn’t it?

A horse rated NR 40 like Soho Twisted giving 20 meters start to one line First Offence, which is rated ten points higher at NR50.

Another NR40 like Go Ahead Makemyday giving the same NR50 trotter 30 meters head start.

The NR52 square gaiter Lavros Segil starting a quarter of a furlong behind two rivals rated only 2 points lower at NR50.

Something is wrong here, very wrong. Either these new national ratings are crazy or the Queensland handicappers who have resisted implementing them in anything other than the most cursory of forms are.

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so let the results do the talking.

The Queensland handicapper is right.

The new national ratings system is an absolute Dr Spock of Edgar Britt.

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